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Trends in Multifamily Property Landscaping

Clearly, professional landscaping for multifamily housing is a big must. However, there are many new and emerging trends in what residents are looking for in landscaping that can help set you apart from the rest. Let’s take a look:

1) The Landscape to Experience - Residents are now commonly looking to utilize the outdoors for communal purposes. Whether it be to socialize with other residents or to exercise while soaking up some sun, people want to have a free and open space outdoors to use. Some good examples of this would be areas set up for cooking, relaxing and exercising. These spots don’t need to be overly vast, as residents often appreciate a smaller more intimate locale that, for example, is a shady area with lush well-maintained grass just steps from their home -- instead of only a single large area that may be located on the other side of the community.

2) The Landscape that Thrives - The weather in Houston is unpredictable – and that puts it lightly. Your landscape needs to be able to withstand multiple weather conditions in order to prevent you from having to re-do your work with every change in temperature. You can achieve this by choosing plants and foliage that require less water to survive and consistently withstand the brutal heat.

3) The Landscape that is Eco-Friendly - One unique trend to landscaping is the use of eco-friendly watering systems. Residents are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and water conservation. Think about installing smart irrigation systems that allow you to program when and for how long you water your landscape. This will also help to eliminate frivolous use of water – and favorably impact your bottom line as well.

Incorporating some or all of these ideas will help your property to stand out and create an even more positive impression for potential residents. If you would like to learn more about this or other property management tips, contact CKR Property Management today!


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