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Sometimes a judge finds it necessary to designate a “Court Appointed Receiver” for a property or real estate asset while the owner is navigating bankruptcy or some other legal dispute. 


The Prosperity Management Services team is proud to have the integrity, knowledge, and experience to take on this role. While owners and affiliated parties work through what they need to address, we offer a reliable history in:


  • Addressing code violations

  • Immediate needs assessment

  • Financial and record-keeping practices

  • Property improvements and maintenance

  • Supervising unit inspections


Our Court Appointed Receivership Services allow owners to address their current situation while a proven expert takes care of property concerns ranging from safety and security to accounting.


We immediately implement our Prosperity Management Services operational plan – which includes taking an inventory of property supplies and assets on hand, setting up procedures that serve to secure and maintain the property, and collecting on tenant receivables – all with regular reporting.


As a court appointed receiver, our work-ready Prosperity team oversees all audits, comprehensive reporting, and renovation.

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