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Smart Ways to Increase Profits in Multi-Family Real Estate Investments

Technology has been a major influence in numerous industries this year, and multi-family real estate is no exception. Among all the move-in ready amenities that residents desire, including in-unit laundry machines, and a gym/fitness center, studies have shown that none are sought after more than technology upgrades, even more, they are willing to pay a higher rent for it.

Upgraded technology features that are most popular include high-speed internet (offered in package deal with rent), and smart home features. In fact, according to Entrata, a Utah-based property management software company, over half of residents surveyed would be willing to pay an additional $20 per month for smart amenities such as keyless entry into the complex, or smart thermostats among other things.

These types of technology amenities have and will remain a key determining factor for potential residents to consider when choosing a location to rent. Being ahead of the curve with this type of thing will undoubtedly set you apart and offer your property an advantage.

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