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Positive Changes to Property Management Resulting from the Pandemic

As multifamily property managers have taken precautions in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of those changes may be here to stay. Now is an ideal time for property managers to consider which changes may stick for good.

Online Leasing & Payments

In many cases, the evolution of property management due to the pandemic will benefit customers and property owners alike. One example would be online leasing and rental payments. Properties that may not have previously had online services are quickly adapting their systems to provide this option for the safety of both customers and staff.

Sanitizing Stations

Sanitizing stations are another change to amenities and property management offices that should be here to stay. While some properties may have set up temporary sanitizing stations during the pandemic, those properties should consider more permanent refillable installations in gyms, mail rooms, etc. It’s also important to ensure that sanitizing supplies are adequately stocked to encourage usage.

Office Hours & Virtual Leasing

Another area of property management that became prioritized during the pandemic is increased demand for virtual leasing. For many property management professionals, dealing with people is a favorite part of the job. One way to continue in-person leasing at a safe distance is through appointment-based office hours.

Every day is another day closer to better days and a brighter future. As property managers look ahead, they should consider how the changes made today can ensure a happy and healthy property in the future. In the meantime, it’s best to play it safe and follow the guidelines and recommendations of the local authorities.


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