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Prosperity CEO Shares Hurricane Preparedness with National Apartment Association Members

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

In the wake of historic Hurricane Harvey that brought 27 trillion gallons of rain and $180 billion of devastation onto Texas and Louisiana, many apartment residents turned to the owners and operators of their complexes for guidance and security during the trying time.

Caroline Kane, CEO of Prosperity Management Services, was highlighted in the September edition of Units, the National Apartment Association’s (NAA) monthly magazine, to share her insights and preparedness strategies that helped accommodate Houston residents before, during and after the historic storm.

Kane emphasized the importance of resource allocation at all phases of Harvey’s impact.

“In some places, the aftermath could be handled by a wet-vac and a dehumidifier. In others, we had entire first floors underwater,” Kane said in the article.

Kane knew constant updates and taking quick, decisive action to assist with residents’ problems were key during the storm. Placing residents first, she knew keeping communication channels open and active was the best way to get residents the help they needed.

At Kane’s properties, some leases needed to be terminated, and when remediation was an option, it was utilized as soon as possible. As many residents needed to relocate due to the storm’s damage, deposit refunds became a necessary lifeline for residents as the flood damage was being assessed.

“Not only was it the right thing to do, it was a pressure release on both the business and the residents,” said Kane. “We were able to allocate our resources more smartly and get immediate help to people who needed it.”


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