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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: Women In The Workplace

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Texas Multi-Family Housing Q&A with Caroline Kane and Kerry Ream

Caroline: I am fiercely dedicated to my success. That is the difference. Women in the workplace inspire because for a long time we had no other option. It is important you find mentors, business contacts, and friends that will champion you in every room they walk into. That, itself, is a real impact. It is organic and a powerful driver of change.

See: “With college degrees and higher earnings, women have increased their home buying activity and buying power.” The buck doesn’t just stop there, as the last 75+ years have seen women go from not being able to own homes to emerging as top grossing agents in their real estate-related companies, to heading agencies. There is worth in what has come before you, barriers that were broken down, and glass ceilings shattered all in the name of prosperity.

Women not only run agencies now but are leading the real estate investment market earning that right through hard work and perseverance. Women have a unique way they touch the lives of others. My biggest hope is that through my leadership I can help empower more than just my colleagues or business associates. My mission is to empower my residents, employees and community to contribute to society in ways that are positive for every life it touches. That is how I approach my day.

I understand the impact my work has not only my clients’ bank account, but on the greater good. The entrepreneurial spirit is more than a mindset, it is a way of life. The origin of the word entrepreneur means to “undertake.” Many can refer to women entrepreneurs as “disruptors.” Disruptors are known to have a powerful approach to life – one that prioritizes vision, discipline, optimism and most of all – goals. Nationwide, women brokers dominate the residential real estate market, but have yet to make the same gigantic presence true within the even more lucrative commercial market.”

Multi-family is an animal all its own within commercial real estate. It is an industry where your success is determined by working smart, not just hard. This is my passion and I get to wake up every morning to chase it. It has been my privilege to break the glass ceiling and I am not the only one. Strong women build coalitions with each other, we support each other and together we have the capacity to further change the game. What I can tell you about life and about success is to never stop.

Kerry Ream: Women in the workplace are a force to be reckoned with. A rising tide, indeed, lifts all boats.

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