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A Houston Property Manager's Perspective on Tasteful, Not Tacky Holiday Decor

From an investor or property manager's perspective, you're always trying to bring the right mix of cost-effectiveness and detail to every community. Holiday decor is no different -- and in fact, it can serve as an outward expression of your professionalism while also serving as a festive element both for existing and prospective residents.

The Christmas season is an exciting time for homeowners and apartment tenants alike to share the holiday spirit. Everyone loves creative and original decorations, but walking the fine line between tacky and tasteful isn’t an easy feat. Today's blog will discuss some simple decorating tips to professionally spice up your community's decorating this season.  

Traditionally, the red and green color scheme has always been a safe bet for decorating, but it shouldn’t be the only feasible option. More modern color schemes include white and gold, metallic, or blue and silver to display a new style this holiday season. Property managers often overlook the need to see what color schemes would look best with existing and permanent surfaces -- so as to prevent obvious color clashes.

One underappreciated decoration style involves using basic children's toys to liven up a community's Christmas decor. These can be ornaments for the tree or placed on mantelpieces and other large garland-type displays. They bring a joyful vibe to your decorations at an extremely low cost. Something as simple as ABC blocks can be an especially nice touch -- and they often come in different sizes to fit your needs.

Another simple enhancement to your holiday decorations are wrapped gifts. Displaying presents under the tree makes for a great visual impact when used as a group. It's always preferred versus an empty tree skirt! And, you’ll be able to choose from a wide array of color pallets, from classic red and green or glossy paper to metallic and themed designs. Just be sure to have a consistent color theme.

When deciding between a fresh or artificial tree for public areas and/or facilities in your community, you may have a third option. Consider using both! Place a fresh tree in the main office (where attention to maintenance is at the forefront). It brings a holiday fragrance and personal touch. Then, take advantage of clean and easy artificial options in other locations to have variety in design with less mess.

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without sharing your decorations with residents and friends -- just be sure to do so in a classy, consistent way that reflects your property's commitment to safety, service and professionalism. Decorations are a temporary extension to your structures and public spaces and they should be given the right amount of planning and care.

Oh, and don't forget to remove all decorations by January 6th!


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